Yoga Wear

Yesterday, I went back to yoga. I haven’t been there in quite some time due to my foot injury, and I’ll admit, I was a little rusty, but I remembered why I love the practice so much. For me, yoga is so de-stressing, and really…I love yoga pants. I’m not even joking. How can pants be sooo comfortable! My favorite yoga pants are made by Bally, and I have two pairs – one in grey and one in black. I have been looking to buy more of these pants for YEARS, but honestly cannot find them anywhere, not even online. Any suggestions? As for athletic tops, I find Old Navy, Gap, and New York and Company have the best and most affordable ones.

Old Navy, Women's Graphic Racerback Tank, $12.94

These come in all different colors, and some have designs on the front. I have two of these racer-backs – one in blue, and the other in black with a flower design on the front. They are super comfy and great for any type of working out, and look at the price! So affordable. Old Navy constantly has mark-downs, so I bought my tanks for around $6 each.

Gap Body, Body support cami, $22.50

I think it’s obvious that I have an obsession with clothing, but I really have an obsession with Gap Body. They have the softest cotton! These camis can be used for working out, but they are also great for using as simple camis underneath shirts, sweaters, etc. I own two…black and white, the necessary colors. Gap is owned by the same company as Old Navy, and also has great discounts. I bought my camis on sale as well, around $6 each.

New York & Company, Streetwear Long Rib Tank, $9.97

I got myself in a bit of trouble at NY & CO last year, but my credit card was happy…I also own two of these long rib tanks. One in black and one in white, and I wear them ALL the time, not only to yoga class. My favorite feature of these is that they cover your butt, so they are perfect for leggings, or to wear underneath of shorter tops.

Easter Greetings

This Easter, my brother and I took a short road trip to visit my parents. My mom, who is an amazing cook and baker (unfortunately, I inherited none of her talents), surprised us with some delicious treats. Take a look at her creations! Not only were they absolutely delicious, but oh-so-pretty to look at.

Vanilla Cupcakes With Vanilla Icing and Toasted Coconut (yum!)

Chocolate Lasagna With Cream and Cherry Layers

And here are a few pictures of my Easter outfit. You will be shocked when you learn where I bought that dress…

Dress: BJ's, around $20, Blazer: LOFT around $30, Scarf: Inherited From Grandmother

Jacket: Bloomingdale's, Aqua, around $100

Flats: Macy's, Aerosoles, around $50

Yes, that dress is from BJ’s, as in the wholesale food store. I know what you’re thinking “You shop there for clothes?!” Well no, usually that is not my first choice for clothes (LOFT is!), but this dress really caught my eye, so I figured why not try it. I just loved the pink pattern on the front. Surprisingly, BJ’s has a large selection of designer clothing at very affordable prices.

The jacket in the second picture is a couple of seasons old, but always brightens up any outfit. It also matched perfectly to my BJ’s dress!

While I would usually never pay $50 for flats, it is necessary for me to wear comfortable shoes because my foot has been injured for some time. Heels are out. :( These were a great purchase – I would recommend them for anyone who does a lot of walking and wants something stylish but comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Photo credit goes to my wonderful mama.

Loving LOFT

Summer is not my season. While I love going to the beach, I really do not do well in heat. Spring I can handle – I can still wear my boots and jackets. I would wear boots all year-long if I could! Some may call it a slight obsession… For me, this Spring is better than most. While many would argue, I am loving the slightly colder weather in Philadelphia and what’s making me even happier…all the amazing new spring clothes! I walked through LOFT the other day (one of my absolute favorite stores) just browsing of course ;) and loved all their new pieces. LOFT’s look for this Spring is right up my alley – simple, comfortable, yet really very chic. I will definitely be back there within the next couple days, buying up the entire store (shopping hiatus is over)…remind me to never open a LOFT credit card. Check out some of my favorite new pieces.

Hooded Stripe Henley, $44.50

I love this top for so many reasons. For one, it is not tight. I am not a fan of extra tight clothing (only leggings of course, but worn the right way). It is made out of cotton, which makes it super comfortable. During Spring, I like to wear these types of easy-breezy tops. This piece is great alone or as a layering piece. If you want to wear a t-shit or tank-top, throw this on over-top in the morning when it’s a little colder, and take it off mid-day.

Marisa Everyday Cotton Cropped Pants, $54.50

While you will still see me sporting my jeans in the Spring, I am such a fan of these cropped pants, especially with a pair of fabulous sandals or flats! Just like my tops, I like my pants to be comfortable. These are cotton pants, but as you can see in the picture, can be worn dressed up or down. I love versatile pieces like this – easy to wear, easy to match.

Cargo Twill Drawstring Jacket, $69.50

CARGO! I love cargo. Cargo jackets, cargo pants, you name it – sooo comfortable, and really it never goes out of style. This jacket is great for the Spring. It’s so simple, but so stylish, and will match with basically everything. I also love the fact that it has a drawstring to cinch the back of the jacket, making it appear a little dressier.

TOMS Shoes

TOMS is such an amazing shoe company, and I can’t believe I am just discovering them now. With every pair of TOMS someone purchases the company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need. It’s known as their “One for One Movement.” Watch the video for more information – it really made me realize how much I take for granted. Do you KNOW how many shoes I own?!

Now TOMS shoes might not be for everyone, but you could always buy them for a friend? Personally, I like how they look and they are just what I need, not to mention I love the elephant pattern inside the shoe. My foot has been fractured for quite some time now, and I am not allowed to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. This really narrows my selection. After my shopping hiatus, you will definitely see me sporting my new TOMS. From the choices below, which should I choose?

Olive Canvas Womens Classics, $44

Navy Canvas Womens Classics, $44

Black Canvas Womens Classics, $44

To purchase a pair of TOMS for yourself, visit

Under the Weather

Dear readers,

Many apologies for not having updated in a couple of days. Unfortunately, I have been sick for the past 4 days and have been unmotivated to do much of anything. Usually a little retail therapy perks me right up, but alas, I am still on a bit of a shopping hiatus, and frankly I did not want to get out of bed to “window shop.” Now THAT is when you know something is wrong with me.

In the mean time, I have resorted to watching movies and reading up on this and that online. Here are a few things that have made me feel better:

Looking at the top stories and newest trends in regards to style on one of my favorite websites

I especially enjoyed refinery29’s private tour of Alexis Bittar’s Brooklyn Heights Bachelor Pad. Alexis Bittar is an iconic jewelry designer with an absolutely gorgeous townhouse – I have a secret desire to one day become an interior designer. ;)

Check out for a tour. Seems like more closet space than a 90-square-foot apartment.

Sean Patrick Thomas, I mean, the movie Save the Last Dance made me feel better. I know it’s a little corny, and the outfits are beyond…well they’re just bad, but I have always loved this movie.

"The only person you need to be is yourself!"

And lastly, my little pup (who sadly now lives in Maryland) came for a visit. He always brightens my day, and deserves more than just one picture.

His favorite thing to do.

Stay healthy!

Closet Space

After spending the weekend in NYC, I feel like this is an appropriate topic to write about. I’m all about lessening clutter and conserving space, but this is a little much… Not only is the “apartment” this lady lives in the size of a closet (which would not even fit my shoe collection), but she pays $700 a month! I think college dorms are bigger than this. While her positive attitude about her 90-square-foot apartment is great, my clothing, shoe collection, and I would never be able to live in a place that small…or want to, especially for $700 a month. Would you?

Shopping Hiatus

I have been on a shopping hiatus for a couple weeks now (must save money)…I know, it’s horrible, but I have found a sneaky way to get around it. I am not allowed to purchase any clothing or shoes, which leaves me with shopping for food (not fun), or beauty products! While I would much rather buy clothes and shoes, and in large quantities of course, shopping for makeup and beauty-care products can also be fun. Here are some of my favorite new beauty purchases.


Maybelline Mineral Powder, $8.99, Participating drugstores and retailers


I am usually not a fan of powder makeup, until my friend introduced me to this new product. It is very light and works well to hide any imperfections. I would compare this product to one of my favorite brands Bare Minerals, just at a more affordable price. Since it is made out of minerals, it is much much better for your skin – watch out for anything with oils in it!






Suave Naturals, Mango Mandarin Body Lotion, $4.49, Participating drugstores and retailers


On a budget? Buy Suave. Suave products are so affordable and come in many delicious scents. I absolutely love scents. I probably could spend hours in Bath and Body Works just smelling all the products…actually I have… I have the travel size of this body lotion, which was a free item with one of my mom’s purchases (she gifted it to me ;) ). The mango mandarin scent is just so refreshing and opens your senses – perfect for a dreary rainy day like today.





The Healing Garden, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, $7.50,


No, I do not yet have wrinkles, but don’t be so quick to judge – this product is amazing, and why not take early preventive steps? This cream will make your face feel like silk. The only problem, The Healing Garden Company went out of business, so the cream can only be bought on Hurry up and buy yours before I buy up their stock! Actually, I also got this face cream from my mom when I visited my parents last weekend. Guess I really didn’t spend that much money on beauty products after all!

Snow, An April Fool's Joke?

Good morning Philadelphia. What a surprise it was today, waking up to falling snow in April – the ultimate April Fool’s Joke! At least it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite rain boots. What I am loving about all the new rain boot styles, is the variety of colors and looks they come in.

Banana Republic, Roman Equestrian Rain Boot, $99.00

These are the rain boots I own, and believe me, they have been my staple this winter. What I love about these, is that they resemble a riding boot, which makes for a much classier look. Another plus, they match with everything!

Target, Smith & Hawken Tall Gardening Boots, $24.99

While the caption for these boots says gardening boots, there really is no difference between gardening boots and rain boots. They serve the same purpose. What I love about these, is that they are wide-width boots, meaning there is extra room at the top for your leg. Comfort and style.

Bloomingdale's, Steve Madden "Tsunami" Rain Boots, $79.00, Side View

Back View

These boots just call to me. Steve Madden is one of my absolute favorite shoe designers. What I love about these boots, is the bright red power color and the detail. From the side they look like a riding boot, but the zipper in the back adds a modern touch. You won’t feel under the weather sporting these!