David Beckham Underwear Line at H&M

David Beckham is teaming up with H&M and launching an underwear and t-shirt line. The DAVID BECKHAM Bodywear line will launch February 2012. As the face of Emperio Armani underwear, Beckham realized there is a great market for men’s bodywear. With Beckham modeling Armani underwear, the fashion line turned over practically double in profits (I wonder why ;) ). So many great collaborations to look forward to – Missoni + Target, and now Beckham + H&M!


David Beckham for Emperio Armani

Source: refinery29.com

Mademoiselle Chi Chi – Clothing Made From Milk!

28-year old German scientist and fashion designer Anke Domaske is a genius (at least in my eyes). She creates organic, ecologically friendly clothing, out of…milk! Who would have ever thought that clothing can be made out of milk, and her designs are absolutely beautiful, with simple lines, and a classy feel. I would wear every one of her pieces.

What I so admire about Domaske is her ability to balance science and fashion. She attended university for science, but never gave up her interest in fashion, and eventually combined her two interests, creating Mademoiselle Chi Chi, a clothing line made from milk.

If you are interested in learning more about Anke Domaske and Mademoiselle Chi Chi, here is a link to a video at her latest fashion shoot.

Mademoiselle Chi Chi Red Dress

Source: Gizmodo.com

Alexander McQueen at the Met

After reading all the hype about the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met in NYC, I was finally able to go last week! I found the exhibit to be interesting yet…strange, and actually a bit creepy. I know that McQueen has always been known for his controversial and shocking designs, but after seeing a number of them placed side by side at the Met, I was more or so…what’s the word…frightened? I felt like the exhibit really highlighted McQueen’s inner disturbances, which perhaps was part of his popularity. I have realized that while I call myself a “fashionista” I don’t necessarily like the “show” that goes along with fashion. This may be why I love LOFT so much, because the clothing is simple yet chic and available for every-day wear. It is much more practical.

What I was impressed with, was the way McQueen created pieces out of different textures and materials. For example, a beautiful dress out of real feathers or real flowers.

Here are a few photos of some of the designs included in the exhibit…taken before the security guard yelled at me “No photos allowed!” ;)

Feather head-wear.

Red feather dress.

Sea shell dress.

Black jacket and dress.

Asian influenced dress.

Summer Shoes

I love the tan-shoe trend that came about last year – such an interesting look. It’s especially a great look in the summer, when you have your pick of tan wedges, heels, sandals, you name it (just don’t forget that pedicure ;) ). I don’t indulge myself in many beauty treatments, but when sandal-season arrives I confess, I’m the first one at the nail salon. Here are two tan-shoes that are going on my wish list.

Lucky Brand, Meghan Dark Latte Heel, $69.99

I love this heel of course because of the color, but also because of its wood finish platform. While this might make the shoe a little heavier, it creates a nice natural look.

Steve Madden, Heathh Sandal, $89.95

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a larger picture, but I love gladiator romanesque sandals. These are made out of leather, and I almost never buy a shoe if it is not made out of leather – this is becoming harder and harder to find!

Inspirational Woman

I just recently read an article on refinery29.com about Mamie Walton and was quite inspired by her positive attitude. Mamie Walton is an 80 year old philanthropist who resides in Chicago. Here are a few quotes from her interview that I really enjoyed.

“I spend at least 30 minutes each day at the ballet barre.” (She’s 80! Reminds me of my amazing grandmother, who goes to the gym).

“I believe that positivity and showing interest in other people helps you look better.”

“I always wear heels. My friends ask me how I walk in them.  I say: very well.” (By far my favorite quote from the interview. I don’t even wear heels that often, and I am a lot younger).

To read the full interview on refinery29.com click here.

Mamie Walton In Her Heels

Source: refinery29.com

Replacement Sweater

Last week I experienced one of my worst “blonde” moments let’s call it. While traveling from New York to D.C. I left my carry on bag on the metro. I had to file a lost and found report and to my surprise, some kind citizen returned my bag. Of course it was much too good to be true because while my bag was returned, many of it’s contents were missing. This included my 2 checkbooks, an extra bag, iPhone charger, and favorite black sweater. Now I can’t seem to live without my black sweater, so what was the first thing I did when my carry on was returned to me? Bought a new one!


I bought this sweater from Ross for $24.99 when it was originally $75.00. What I love about it, is it’s longer length and the extra fabric in the front.

This is the first time I am posting from my iPhone – please bear with me as I work out the kinks!

Mountain Getaway

I spent the last week at my family’s house (or as I like to call it “shack”) up in the Poconos. The property has been in the family for years, and I have been spending my summers there since when I was born. Our “shack” has no phone or internet, which is just fine by me (even though I did have my iPhone…), but at times it is nice to just “disconnect.” Here are a few photos from the mountains.

The striped elephant (TSE) showing some love at the lake.

Lake in the mountains.

Beautiful view from the hill near our "shack."

Hope you enjoyed your 4th!