Monday Style Quote

“My body has changed and it will continue change in the future — that is natural for anyone. What matters to me most is that even though external change is inevitable, my passion for encouraging women to love themselves at any size and to live, thrive, and to go after their dreams is a part of my permanent nature. Even though my body and mind may evolve through life and experience, my values on this matter have not.” -Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn is an American model who was told she would need to lose 1/3 of her body weight in order to model. After suffering from an eating disorder, she became a plus-size model. She is an inspiration to women for her ability to stay successful in a career where she was told otherwise. Her message is a strong one, in that she speaks to women of all shapes and sizes, and tells them that no matter how they look, they have the ability to reach their dreams.

Crystal Renn Prior to Plus-Size Modeling

Crystal Renn Plus-Size Modeling



Friday’s Most Wanted

As I mentioned before, MK (Michael Kors) can do no wrong. I love all his designs. Therefore, this weeks Friday’s Most Wanted item is an MK bag, my friends MK bag to be exact. She just recently purchased it from Marshall’s for $149.99, originally priced at $298. What a deal right? Here are some photos.


Marshalls, Michael Kors Bag, $149.99

Marshalls, Michael Kors, $149.99

I love this bag because of the beautiful Eggplant color – it’s rare to find a bag in this shade of purple. It’s also made out of leather, and while I won’t wear fur, I love a real sturdy leather bag.


Philanthropic Fashion – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have been meaning to write a post about philanthropic fashion, and thought what better time to write it than now, while October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, is winding down. I came across the phrase “Philanthropic Fashion,” a while ago while searching for a writing or marketing job in NYC (any ideas?), and it just stuck with me. There are times I think to myself what a petty obsession I have – I live for clothes, accessories, and shoes. Shortly after, the feeling subsides when I realize this truly is my passion (I just can’t help it!), and what is life if you can’t do what you love? So when I came across this phrase, I was rather interested, and wanted to know about those fashion companies that do more than just make clothes, but give back to the community.

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, a number of fashion companies donated a percentage of their sales in support of Breast Cancer Research. One of these companies was LOFT – I recently wrote an article about their efforts on

Here are just some of the other companies that participated in Breast Cancer Awareness month:

1) AVON: Not only does AVON sell “Pink Ribbon” products to support Breast Cancer Awareness, they also host an AVON Walk.

AVON, Breast Cancer Crusade Novelty Umbrella, $10

Photo credit:

2) UGG: With a clever catch phrase such as “Give cancer the boot,” UGG Company designed special pink ribbon shoes. Proceeds from the shoes are benefiting charities nationwide. These shoes are available at The Walking Company stores.

The Walking Company, Pink Ribbon UGGS, $149.95

Photo Credit:

3) Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren has been donating proceeds from his Pink Pony Fund sales to Breast Cancer Awareness since 2000. Pink Pony Fund Items include the traditional Ralph Lauren Pony dressed up in shades of pink.

Ralph Lauren, Slim-Fit Pony Tee, $98.00

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4) Lacoste: Lacoste is donating a percentage of their proceeds from their Pink Croc Collection to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Lacoste, Breast Cancer Research Foundation Shoe, $72.00

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This is just an example of a few companies who are participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course this is not to say that fashion companies never give back – of course they do, and some many times throughout the year. I just felt it was important to highlight a few companies now, since October is a special month. Hurry and get your shopping done before the month is over, and help support the cause!








Honey For Your Lips

A while back I wrote about how one of my favorite lip products was Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer Pearly Shimmer Lip Care. Recently, I have discovered a  new favorite Nivea product – Nivea A Kiss of Honey Soothing Lip Care. When the temperature starts to drop outside, I somehow always end up with chapped lips. Apparently, this is a sign of dehydration – a daily reminder to “Drink more water!” Unfortunately, drinking more water does not cure chapped lips right away. Since I don’t like to use chapstick with chemicals in it (I am an advocate for using natural and mineral makeup), I thought I’d try Nivea A Kiss of Honey. So far, after one day of use my chapped lips are almost cured!

I am also a fan of home remedies, and found a great article explaining how to use simply honey and vaseline to fix your chapped lips. The article states that honey is a great healing and anti-bacterial agent. Here is a link if you are interested in reading the entire article.

Nivea A Kiss of Milk and Honey, $2.27


Monday Style Quote

In addition to Friday’s Most Wanted, I will be dedicating a post every Monday to a style quote. Because of Tom Ford’s (former designer at Gucci and of his own private label, Tom Ford), recent documentary and the attention on the film he created, A Single Man, today’s quote will be one from the creative designer.

“I don’t understand why our culture both worships and objectifies beauty, and then slams those of us who participate in it. Because I make that detachment, I’m capable of objectifying a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t demean her in any way. She’s beautiful because she’s a creature who exists physically, in the physical world, who happens to be in a moment of prime.” -Tom Ford


Friday’s Most Wanted

Every Friday, I will be writing a “Friday’s Most Wanted” post, commenting on one piece of clothing, shoes, a bag, or an accessory, which I have been admiring and wanting. I am once again on a budget, so these posts will serve as my “wish list.” Hey, a girl can dream!

This Friday my most wanted item is a NINO Brand Cape (just in time for Halloween). I recently wrote an article on, about NINO Brand, which is local Philadelphia fashion designer Bela Shehu’s clothing line. While looking through the photos, I fell in love with her cape design.





What I love about this cape is number one, it is hooded. I love hoods, especially on jackets, coats, and all types of outer wear. Hoods are so efficient when it comes to rain or snow. Number two, I love the cut of the cape – it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Very modern, but yet stylish.

To read more about NINO Brand, visit

Photo credit: NINO Brand



Steve Madden Legwarmers

A picture from Little White Whale’s recent post, has inspired me to write about leg warmers, specifically Steve Madden leg warmers. Not only do I love Steve Madden shoes, but he also makes great footwear (tights, socks, and of course leg warmers). Last year, I only admired those fashionistas who wore leg warmers underneath their boots, but this year I have decided to join in on the trend. I really love this look! The Steve Madden leg warmers I recently purchased (seen in photos below), are actually more like socks that reach to just about right below the knee. I still call them leg warmers, because they are knitted on-top, to create the illusion that they are also knitted in the boots. When I saw this I thought “how clever! Stylish and warm.

The look

The look

Steve Madden, S-Cuddle Footwear, $19.95

Steve Madden, S-Cuddle Footwear, $19.95