DIY Curtains

I have recently moved to NYC for a Fashion Marketing Internship with an independent designer, and of course because isn’t this where starving artists (writers) are supposed to live?? Luckily, I already had a place to move into (with the bf and roomie). Trying to save what money I currently have, I have taken to DIY projects and cooking/baking. One of these DIY projects were curtains. While we already had a curtain in our bedroom, it was sheer and didn’t block out the sun too well. We had some old maroon velvet tablecloths lying around, so we were using that as a make-shift curtain. I liked the fabric so much, that I decided to sew a real curtain out of it. Here are the before and after results.

Monday Style Quote

“Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” -Orson Welles

Orson Welles was an American film and theater director, screenwriter, actor, and producer from 1915-1985. He is most well-known for the film Citizen Kane.

Orson Welles

I like this quote, because even though Welles most likely was speaking of visual style in terms of films, it can also be applied to personal style in terms of fashion. Don’t be afraid to express your own uniqueness!

Friday’s Most Wanted

Today’s most wanted piece is a pair of red Hudson jeans, inspired by the lovely Kara from Keeping Up With Kara. I subscribe to Health magazine, which is full of health tips, delicious recipes, and of course fashion. Anything in the color red is sought-after this season in fashion (power color!), as stated in the “What You really Want This Month” section, from the January/February 2012 issue.

January/February 2012, Health Magazine, What You really Want This Season

Hudson Jeans, $202

These jeans would look great paired with leopard flats. Check out for some stylish and extremely affordable leopard flats.


Jason Wu for Target

So I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I have a Target obsession (who doesn’t?!). I absolutely love Target’s Designer Collaborations and can’t wait for Feb. 5th when Target is launching Jason Wu’s collaboration line. Jason Wu is one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers. I recently saw some of Jason Wu’s designs and loved them all. His inspiration comes from the style of French New Wave cinema. Therefore the pieces in his collection are very versatile, timeless, almost with a “nonchalant” feel to them, but always classy. Check out this great article about the new collection on MSNBC today’s website. Here are some beautiful pieces from Jason Wu’s new Target Collaboration collection.

Beautiful! This is just exactly my style. I can’t wait to check out the collection. Remember, Feb. 5th!

Monday Style Quote

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe in her Closet

Rachel Zoe is an American fashion stylist who has worked and works with many high-profile clients. An interesting fact about her, is that she never studied fashion, but instead went to college at The George Washington University in D.C. for sociology and psychology. To read more about her visit her wikipedia page. Here is a link to The Zoe Report, a free daily newsletter where Rachel shares her fashion and styling tips.


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Friday’s Most Wanted

And my boot obsession continues… Today’s most wanted are snow boots from Target.

Target, Women's C9 by Champion® Natausha Fur Trimmed Lace Up Winter Boots, $44.99

I was at Target the other day (not shopping for boots), but of course somehow I ended up in the shoe section. I tried these babies on and just loved them. Even though the price is right I didn’t buy them (for once!) since I am trying to save my money. What attracted me to these snow boots was the way they manage to look stylish, while also serving a very practical purpose as snow boots. I love how the bottom part of the boot is rubber and therefore waterproof, while the rest of the boot is suede and adorned with faux fur. They are also extremely warm and comfortable.

Friday’s Most Wanted

Today’s most wanted piece is a colorful poncho from Boston Proper.

Boston Proper, Fair Isle drawstring poncho, $79

Lately I have been seeing a lot of ponchos in the stores and am liking the trend. I remember these being in style years ago and it seems they are now coming back. I love this poncho because it is so bright! For this winter I have a lot of brighter pieces because the brighter the clothing the brighter your mood. This poncho also has a very ski-lodge type of feel to it, which drew me to it right away (skiing is one of my favorite hobbies!).