Monday Style Quote

“Yes, leather is in. For example, Yves Saint Laurent was having such a leather moment that designer Stefano Pilati turned it into both a bodysuit and a jumpsuit. Michael Kors’s strapless leather dress was a runway sensation, and even more so when leather lover extraordinaire Angelina Jolie wore it on the red carpet. But leather is best used wisely. If you wear a skirt, tone it down on the top. A jacket? Jeans or trousers. If you’re feeling a bit Gwyneth or Chloe Sevigny, a saucy pair of shorts might just do it. But never wear the whole lot together, because the dominatrix¬†should stay in the bedroom (if you’re inclined that way, of course), not the boardroom.” -Harper’s Bazaar,

Stefano Pilati leather bodysuit

Michael Kors leather strapless dress worn by Angelina Jolie


Friday’s Most Wanted

I don’t usually shop at Banana Republic, but this summer have a ton of weddings to go to and thought I could find a classy summer dress to wear as a wedding guest. My instincts paid off, and I found a fabulous sleeveless purple dress, as well as this week’s most wanted piece – well, not piece, but fragrance.

Banana Republic, Wildbloom Perfume

This smells so absolutely delicious! Me and the woman standing behind me in line couldn’t stop smelling it (this sounds strange when I type it). Anyway, I may have to make this my signature scent since I currently don’t seem to have one.

Have a great weekend! I am so looking forward to relaxing and doing absolutely nothing this weekend.

Monday Style Quote

“The quest for a perfect appearance just leaves people with a fairly ordinary look. -Kate Nightingale, style psychologist in London

While I can’t really say I know what a style psychologist is (sounds interesting), I really agree with the above quote. No one’s perfect, and it’s quite difficult to pull off a “perfect” look from day-to-day (at least I know I never can!). Sometimes I feel I look best when I put the least amount of time into my look. Happy Monday everyone!

Kate Nightingale, Style Psychologist

Monday Style Quote

Since I love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” quote that has been showing up on merchandise everywhere lately, I thought this variation of the quote was great for us fashionistas.

Wondering where the “Keep Calm and Carry On” phrase came from? It was a propaganda poster produced by the British government in 1939, during the Second World War. Read more about it here.

Happy Monday! Try to stay cool in the heat.

Friday’s Most Wanted

This week’s most wanted is the adorable dress seen below. Once again, found this dress on Pinterest…I seem to be obsessed with Pinterest lately. iPhone users, I highly recommend the Pinterest app!

I’ve never bought or worn a maxi dress, but am loving the length and cut of this dress as well as the peach color. The blue/green stripe on the bottom adds a really unique touch. I’m not sure where it’s from, so if anyone knows, please do let me know. Happy Friday!

Monday Style Quote

“April Fools’ Day may be a joke to some, but nowhere near as bad a joke as the idea of bathing suit shopping in the cold. They very suggestion of getting deep into the bathing suit horrors in April, while we all feel pasty and are still bundled up for colder winter, is plain off-putting. However, believe it or not, April, the early cusp of spring, is quite honestly one of the best time to face this fashion dilemma….The big reason is this: the bathing suit selection is the best just as April turns the seasonal corner, and if you shop now, you’ll have the advantage of a wide range of size, style, and availability – and therefore a much higher chance of finding the perfect suit. If you wait until the weather warms up, your selection will be greatly diminished. It’s really a numbers game.” -Susan Redstone, Just Try It On! A Month by Month Guide to Shopping and Style

I thought this was an appropriate quote since yesterday was April Fools Day (yes I fell for the Jessica Simpson had 8 babies joke…). Time to start your bathing suit shopping ladies and gents!

Here are a few of my favorite suits for the upcoming season.

Victoria's Secret, Gorgeous Push-up Halter Top, Bright Marine Color, $44

I love these 2 colors combined, and the adorable bow-ties on the front and side of the bottoms., Adrian Degreas, Barbara Maillot, $255

What a sexy bathing suit – I wonder if I could pull it off! There are so many great one-piece options out there, for those ladies who don’t like wering two-piece suits.

Target, Juniors Neon Swim Collection, $8.00 each

Target is usually my go-to for bathing suits, because they are priced so reasonably there and fit me quite well. I love the bandeau top on this suit and the neon colors – big trend this season!