Friday’s Most Wanted

Since I’m finally getting into wearing colors (it really does do something to my mood when I’m in brights!), these adorable clutches just spoke to me, and are therefore this week’s most wanted. What I love about the clutches below, is that they are made out of classic brown leather and adorned with just a touch of neon. Really, that’s the way to pull off neon – don’t overdo it. Just a touch here and there is enough to make you pop. Visit to view more photos and to purchase your very own Clare Vivier Clutch.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend. 2 of my best friends are visiting this weekend, and I’m showing them around NYC. Anyone have any suggestions for places that I absolutely must take them to?, Clare Vivier Neon-Striped Clutches

Friday’s Most Wanted

I came across this product while just browsing the internet the other day, and automatically knew it would be this week’s most wanted piece. I think the awe-someness of this product speaks for itself (it’s just such a clever idea!). Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!, Champagne Cork Candle Set, $10

Monday Style Quote

How does your mother inspire you?

“My mother inspires me in every way. She taught my brothers and me to believe in ourselves and have the courage to think differently. She was and is eternally inquisitive, open and compassionate about other people and cultures, which opened up worlds for us growing up. She’s also an eternal optimist. She always used to say, “No matter how bad today might seem, you wake up tomorrow and it’s a whole new day.” Of course, she is a constant design inspiration for us. She is the most stylish woman I know.” -Designer Tory Burch

In lieu of Mother’s Day yesterday, I wanted to share the lovely quote above from designer Tory Burch about how her mother inspires her. For more quotes from designers about their mothers, visit Harper Bazaar’s Mother’s Day Interviews.

Designer Tory Burch

Friday’s Most Wanted

I have recently been introduced to a new site online at work, called It’s similar to Pinterest, except on this website, if you see something you like, you click on it and can purchase it right then and there. I found my Friday’s Most Wanted piece on this site the other day. I don’t necessarily love this bathing suit, but I do like the suit bottoms. What caught my eye right away, was the photo itself. What an interesting way to photograph a bathing suit model! It also made me wish I was there, laying out in the sun with that beautiful clear water surrounding me. Click here to see this bathing suit on Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday’s Most Wanted

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s most wanted piece I actually found on my fellow blogger Audrey’s Pinterest. I love stripes (especially blue nautical stripes) and therefore was instantly attracted to the adorable top below. The heart embellishment on the front is actually a pocket – how cute! This top is a great addition to any summer wardrobe. Check out Audrey’s lovely blog This Little Street!

Chinti and Parker, Heart-print striped cotton top, $135

MK Suede – New Women’s Perfume

Since everyone seemed to like last week’s Friday’s Most Wanted item (Banana Republic Fragrance), I thought I’d share a new women’s fragrance by Michael Kors. I think by now it’s obvious that I’m in love (obsessed?) with anything Michael Kors.

The new fragrance is called Suede (sexy!), and is available in a 1.7 oz bottle, encased in a suede carton, for $75.00 at fine department stores and I haven’t smelled it yet, but the fragrance has hints of tuberose, lily of the valley, michelia flower, mandarin, and woodsy scents to create an alluring musk.

Michael Kors Suede Eau de Parfum, $75.00

“Suede is sporty and sexy and feels incredible on the skin, but it can also add a great unexpected twist when you’re thinking of what’s luxurious.” -Michael Kors

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