Friday’s Most Wanted

I have a special folder in my e-mail dedicated to my Friday’s Most Wanted pieces, and this plate just happened to be in there. I forgot all about it, until just recently when I was looking through the folder. I really liked this plate when I saw it, because of its message (and because it’s hand-made and sold on Etsy of course). I know I personally get so caught up in my hectic life (working full-time, freelancing on the side, trying to relax and have fun in between), that I forget to stop and allow myself to be happy. This quote reminded me of how important and healthy it is to de-stress and allow yourself happiness. That Voltaire was one smart guy. Have a very happy weekend!, 5" Voltaire Quote Dish


Monday Style Quote

“I have a drawer of cute clothes I’ve had over the years that I’m just comfortable in, that I can just wear around the house, so I call it the “wear-around-the-house drawer.” -Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child

Friday’s Most Wanted

I came across this watch at work the other day, and just loved it. While I like watches, I never really “love” them (I usually fall in love with shoes and bags…). What I really liked about this little watch, is that it is very modern with the colorful silicone band, but yet somehow remains elegant because of the classic face design.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and stays cool in this heat! I will be heading upstate to the mountains (crossing my fingers that it’s a little cooler up there…).

Rumba Time, Orchid Sweet Lilac Watch, $30

Friday’s Most Wanted

When I saw the dresses below, I was so very impressed. The dresses are actually knitted out of mohair and cashmere – amazing! They are so chic, and I’m sure feel great against the skin. After seeing these 2 gorgeous dresses, I decided to check out the designer’s products on, and they are all just as beautiful. I can’t believe the things she makes out of yarn. Take a look and see for yourself here!, Knitted Cashmere Dress, $323.24

Monday Style Quote

“June is a time to take it slow on the shopping front. You will need to save your money for big ticket purchases later in the year, so if you can control your spending and feel you have enough options for the warm weather, save this month’s budget until this fall. . . . Pick out one small thing so that you feel spoiled if you like, but save your spending for the big stuff that’s coming down the line. If you must say something, try bright fashion-forward colors for a little fun.” -Susan Redstone, Just Try It On! A Month by Month Guide to Shopping and Style

For the summer, I like to add a little color to my wardrobe with brightly colored pants, such as the Zara pants below. What I love about bright pants, is that they can be paired with a neutral colored top (what an easy outfit!).

Zara, Bright Pants

Photo credit:

Friday’s Most Wanted

This week’s most wanted are a pair of Steve Madden loafers that I saw once in T.J. Maxx, forgot about, and was reminded of on Refinery29. I used to love Steve Madden shoes, and while I still love the style, don’t buy them too often anymore because I find that they are not all that super comfy. Putting that aside, I love anything with leopard print (just wore a beautiful MK leopard print dress the other night!) and these are just awesome. The picture below is from Refinery29 – I love how they paired the loafers with orange pants. Tres snazzy (there’s my high school French kicking in). Have a lovely weekend! I will once again be traveling. This summer’s schedule is so crazy!

Refinery29, Steve Madden Leopard Loafers with Orange Pants


Monday Style Quote

“I like contrasts. I like pairing masculine with feminine, grungy with fancy, etc. It’s important to have fun with what you wear but it’s also important to feel comfortable in your clothes.” -Pamela Love

Pamela Love is a NYC jewelry designer, whose collections are known to whimsical and rather dark. She has designed custom jewelry for HBO’s True Blood.

Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

Pamela Love Jewelry


Friday’s Most Wanted

This week’s most wanted piece is the Jessica Simpson purse below. I’m not exactly a fan of the faux leather, but I love the colors because they represent my country – they are the colors of the Ukrainian flag! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend. I will be in Atlantic City for one of my good friend’s bachelorette parties (what happens in Atlantic City stays in Atlantic City…or something to that effect).

Jessica Simpson, Getaway Color Block Tote, $69.95