Monday Style Quote – Rainy Day Tips

“If you thought umbrellas were silly, wait until you see rain boots. There are so many fun rain boots on the market, you can certainly find one that fits your style. Let your hair down when it comes to rain boots. Sticking with a pair that matches your  wardrobe is completely unnecessary. Instead, try to match your rain boots to your sense of humor. Find a pair that makes you smile and you are set for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.” -from Rainy Day Fashion Tips, Sylvie Branch, Yahoo! Contributor Network

In light of Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to share some rainy day fashion tips, and since I love boots, the above quote is about rain boots. Here, is a slide show of 12 luxe rain boots, posted on San Francisco’s Refinery 29, and below are some of my favorite rain boots found online. Hope everyone is staying safe!

Mukluks Zig Zag Print Rain Boots, $50

Cole Haan Air Tali Rain Boot, Orange, $250

Sperry, Women’s Rain Storm Rain Boot, $85

Love Moschino Rain Boots, $175

Friday’s Most Wanted – Sir Alistair Rai Scarves Photoshoot

Sir Alistair Rai’s scarves and wraps are this week’s most wanted pieces. What I love about these scarves, are that they come in a multitude of colors, prints, designs, and they are just the right size. Some scarves are too small to wrap around your neck, while others are so big that they look awkward and bulky – Sir Alistair Rai’s scarves are the perfect in-between size. Sir Alistair Rai let me borrow a few of their scarves so I could try them out for myself (and now I’m thinking of buying one for myself!). Below, are a few photos of me sporting three of the scarves. To read more about the brand, and see additional photos of the scarves and products, read my latest Examiner post. Have a lovely weekend!

Sir Alistair Rai Scarf

Sir Alistair Rai Scarf

Sir Alistair Rai Scarf

Monday Style Quote

“And Lois told us, loudly and clearly, it is possible to do a tough job, and do it better than anyone, with the most generous spirit.” -Jess Cagle, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly in an Editor’s Note about the death of 84-year-old publicist Lois Smith

When reading my Entertainment Weekly today, I came across this quote in the Editor’s Note, which was written about Lois Smith. Lois Smith was a legendary publicist who played an integral part in the careers of big stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, and Robert Redford. What really stood out in this one page tribute to Lois, was the way Lois was described – as treating everyone with equal respect and kindness, in an industry that very often forgets to do so. I wanted to share this quote for this very reason – as a reminder to all of us, that kindness goes a long way, and if you really want to, you can do a great job and succeed, while maintaining a “generous spirit.”

Lois Smith and Michelle Pfeiffer

Lois Smith and Meryl Streep

Friday’s Most Wanted

While reading the Elle November 2012 issue, I found my Friday’s Most Wanted under the “Elle Shops Resort , Ones to Watch” section. Seen below are pouches from Misela, a line of unique bags made in Instanbul. The pouches in the first picture are the ones that caught my eye in the magazine. I love the zig zag pattern and use of metallics and neon. The following photos, are pouches from Misela’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection, which can be found at Happy weekend!

Elle November 2012 Issue, Misela Canvas Pouchettes, $95

Misela, Mina at Grandbazaar Pouch, $264

Misela, Mina at Grandbazaar Pouch, $264

Misela, Mina at Grandbazaar Pouch, $264

Friday’s Most Wanted – C. Wonder Photo Shoot

This week’s most wanted, are two pieces from one of my favorite retailer’s – C. Wonder. C. Wonder is a great store known for its colorful and uniquely patterned collections of clothing, accessories, and home decor. They have 10 locations, 2 of which are in NYC (one in Soho and one in Columbus Circle)! I was able to borrow my two most wanted C. Wonder pieces from their fall collection for a photo shoot, which I’m sharing here with you today, my lovely readers.

The beauty of C. Wonder’s Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater, sold for $58, is that it’s such a versatile piece (and super comfy too). Below, are two different looks – one casual and one dressy. Both of these looks are accessorized with C. Wonder’s Assorted Tortoise Bangles, sold for $38-$48 each. The sweater comes in additional colors including navy and ecru. For my casual look, I chose to pair the sweater and bracelets with my favorite jeans and black boots. For my dressy look, I chose to pair the sweater and bracelets with black pants and tan peep toe flats. Both looks were so simple to put together, but still look great.

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater and Tortoise Bracelets Casual Look

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater and Tortoise Bracelets Dressy Look

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater Detail

Assorted Tortoise Bracelets Detail

Monday Style Quote

“Transition to Fall Dos

What might be a poet’s dream is a what-to-wear nightmare: Indian summer. What to wear when your heart wants fall but the thermostat says summer? Here are some dressing and shopping tips to help make the transition from summer to fall:

Do start wearing fall hues. Channel those changing leaves! As you transition your wardrobe, start dabbling in fall’s signature hues like orange, red, rust, and ultra-pretty mustard yellow.

Do become best friend withe the perfect accessory: the scarf. Between seasons, a scarf will update any outfit.

Do later, but keep something bare. Pile on layers to keep yourself feeling comfy during those fall wind gusts, but keep some skin exposed, too; besides being oh so ideal for the finicky temps, the look is subtle and sexy.”

Anthropologie, Mustard Yellow Sweater, $88.00

Remi & Reid ‘Mister’ Scarf, $38.00

J.Crew, Fall Layers

Friday’s Most Wanted

I apologize for constantly posting boots on my blog, but I think I have an addiction. Here’s a pair of boots I came across the other day when “shopstalking” (read about shopstalking on my previous blog post). I love the rugged look of these boots, and they look super like they’d be super comfy.

This weekend I am going to visit my family for my brother’s birthday tomorrow, so here’s to wishing him a happy birthday a day early! Have a lovely weekend.

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00