Friday’s Most Wanted

Zara just opened up down the street from my work (yay!), so I took I had to go check out the new location. I was looking for a dress for New Years Eve (which I actually bought elsewhere), but I did see an absolutely gorgeous gown at Zara. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to snap a picture, but for this week’s most wanted, I’d like to share with you some of the other lovely dresses the store has. What I love about these dresses is how they pull off a classic elegance with a modern twist. Have a wonderful weekend!

Zara Fitted Dress with Sheer Cut-Outs, $99.90

Zara Dress with Velvet Sleeves, $79.90

Zara Houndstooth Combination Dress, $79.90

Friday’s Most Wanted

This week’s most wanted is not an article of clothing or a boot or a bag, it’s something much bigger – help. Due to Hurricane Sandy, many people have lost their homes and have greatly suffered. As Thanksgiving has just recently passed, I am reminded of everything I have to be thankful for, and that I have the ability to help others.

Jessy of Serendipitious Things, and Tina of Life in Sketch, have created a Crowd Rise event to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Their ultimate goal is $5,000, and all donations will go the the Red Cross, who will give the funds directly to those in need. Please help out if you can and many props to Jessy for creating the picture below!

Friday’s Most Wanted

This week’s most wanted piece is a Chiron Tote by Walter Baker. I found this bag on, while the website was featuring bags from Walter Baker (I actually bought the brown and black bag in the first photo below). I’ve never heard of Walter Baker before, but now will definitely keep an eye out for his designs. I’m very impressed with the quality and look of the bag – it’s beautiful real leather, in a rich brown tone, outlined with black. Have a great weekend!

Walter Baker, Brown/Black Chiron Tote, $198

Walter Baker, Red/Black Chiron Tote, $198

Walter Baker, White/Black Chiron Tote, $198

Monday Style Quote

“It’s okay – in fact, it’s totally chic – to fake it. (As in, fake fur). Besides, if you look and feel good in something, isn’t that the ultimate luxury? Real or not, the last thing you want to do with a fur is wear it like your mother would. My general rule for wearing this second skin is easy: keep it young and fun.”  -Joe Zee, creative director, Elle magazine

I never thought I’d be a fan of faux fur (I DO NOT support wearing real fur, that’s a big no-no for me), but last year I found a faux fur from Lord and Taylor that I really loved. I believe there’s a trick to wearing faux fur – don’t allow it to “take over” your outfit. Instead, wear it more as an accent piece. Look at the photos below for a few of my favorite faux fur looks.

Zoe Zee, Elle Magazine Creative Director

Eddie Bauer Faux Fur Vest, Photo Credit:

Juicy Couture Hooded Faux Fur Swing Coat, Photo Credit:

Banana Republic Faux Fur Scarf, Photo Credit: Banana Republic

Friday’s Most Wanted

While I like to call myself a “fashionista,” I think it would be more fitting to say that my interest in fashion isn’t just about the clothing itself – I’m more interested in style. To me, style is a way of living your life. My style is incorporated in everything I surround myself with, including the home furnishings and decorations in my apartment. Lately, I’ve been very into prints of cities and places. This week’s most wanted pieces are a few prints of some of my favorite cities from – I’m debating if I should purchase any. Wishing everyone a lovely and relaxing weekend! I am really looking forward to mine after a long work week., New York City 12X18 Skyline, $22, London 12×18 Skyline, $22

Monday Style Quote

“In my business, I tend to have a conservative approach, but I don’t want to compromise my fashion sense. So I will incorporate either a spark of color or a separate with an interesting detail. There is always room for personality.” -television journalist Deborah Roberts

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. I also tend to have more of a conservative fashion approach, but I like to spice up my look with a few “statement” pieces. Here are some examples below.

LOFT Fall 2012, Statement Pieces: Tights and clutch

Photo Credit: The Fabulous

J.Crew Fall 2012, Satement Pieces: Gloves and shoes

Photo Credit:

Michael Kors Fall 2012, Statement Piece: Scarf

Photo Credit:

Friday’s Most Wanted

I have just recently discovered Boden (because the catalogs get sent to my office for some reason, and naturally I look). Boden sells women’s clothing, which is designed in Britain. The pieces seem to be very “British” but mixed with an American style. For example, classic cuts and clean lines are mixed with bright colors and patterns. This week’s most wanted piece is the lovely Boden dress below. For some odd reason, I seem to wear more dresses in the winter and fall than in the summer. I love the look of a simple dress or skirt, combined with knit tights, boots, a scarf, and a chic coat.

What I love about this Boden dress is its simple elegance. It’s a basic grey color, but the pretty lace trims in the middle and on the sleeves really add a classy touch. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and is recovering from the storm!

Boden, Mimi Dress, $128

Boden, Mimi Dress Close-up, $128