Friday’s Most Wanted

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Since I am Ukrainian, I actually celebrate Christmas on January 7th, but was able to take a week off to visit with my immediate family. We planned to go skiing, but of course it didn’t snow until the day I was traveling back home (just my luck!), and hardly any slopes were open. Anyway, this week’s most wanted piece I saw at Lord & Taylor (one of my all-time favorite stores), while my mom and I were doing some holiday shopping. It automatically caught my eye because of the unique design. I absolutely love the way the lace design is placed so symmetrically on this dress, but doesn’t actually cover the entire dress. This allows you to still see the dress’ pretty blue color. Take a look at the photos below.

BCBG Front of Dress

BCBG Back of Dress

BCBG Close up of Dress

Holiday’s Most Wanted!

This week’s “Friday’s Most Wanted” post is very special – I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers if they could send me a photo and quote of their most wanted piece for Holidays. Check out the selections below!

“I tend to gravitate towards soft gray tones and fun cloud patterns, so it’s no suprise that that I would fall in love with Donna Wilson’s Rainy Day Wool Throw the second I laid eyes on it. Hand knit from lambswool, it’s sure to keep me toasty warm through the winter months for years to come!” – Gloria from Little White Whale 

“Hello there, I’m Santa from Homestilo and I have to say when asked for a “most wanted” item, I felt very challenged. See, my shopping list always goes a long way. But, lately, I am trying something new. I am trying to focus on the missing basics that my wardrobe needs. One of these is definitely a blazer. I’m more of a cardigan or even sweater coat kind of girl. But it’s time to add a classic blazer to the closet. 

I’ve narrowed it down to these two selections from a Spanish chain , Massimo Dutti. The first I fell in love for the elbow patch detail and the fact that it is blue and in wool. The second I am loving for it’s modern collar and stamped buttons. Ahh decisions, decisions…” – Santa from Homestilo

“When Lanya asked if I would share my most wanted piece for the holidays, I wondered how I’d be able to choose just one thing! There are so many things I obsess over! (Many of them in my Girly Gift Guide). But one item that I am actually totally in love with is the “Amy Watch with Glitz Makers” from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love chunky watches that make a bold statement, and since most of the watches I own have leather straps, I’ve been looking for a watch with a metal bracelet. And this one puts a girly and playful spin on a classic menswear-inspired watch. I adore the colorful crystals in place in place of more traditional diamond makers, and the light gold tone keeps the watch modern. This would be a fabulous addition to any girls jewelry collection (including mine)! Happy holidays everyone!” – Ashley from Girly Obsessions


Monday Style Quote

“If your budget won’t allow for all high-quality pieces, scrimp on the darks. Inexpensive light-colored pieces will always look cheaper than inexpensive dark-colored ones.” Secrets of Style, by the editors of InStyle

I never noticed this before, and wanted to share! Happy Monday to all. I am super excited because I only have a 2 day work week, and then am taking off until after Christmas. Hopefully I can get some relaxing in!

Friday’s Most Wanted

My co-worker and I were shopping for New Years Eve shoes today (I bought some great Purple Wedges!), and she pointed out these Coach boots to me. Here are a few reasons why I love them and why they’re this week’s most wanted piece: the rubber on the bottom allows for them to be worn in rain or snow, they’re red, which is such a “power color!”, and they’re just overall pretty awesome looking. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I am finally getting new glasses tomorrow, and you won’t believe my excitement…it’s really these little random things that make me happy.

Macy’s, Coach Boots, $169.99

Monday Style Quote

” The goal: look fashion-forward without becoming a fashion victim. One trendy piece gives your outfit a boost and helps you look and feel current. Head-to-toe trendy says you’re trying too hard. Simply pair a blouse in the latest color or a skirt in the newest shape with one of the more classic items you already own, and you’ll look fresh. Choose a trendy shape or a trendy color, but never both. And wear only those trends that suit you (if red is the color of the season and it looks great on you, stock up).” -The New Secrets of Style, by the editors of InStyle

Trendy Color, James Lakeland Chunky Cardigan, Mustard Yellow

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Trendy Shape, BCBGeneration Pleated Sleeve Box Tee

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