Friday’s Most Wanted -Downton Abbey!

I have a new obsession, and it’s called Downton Abbey. If you haven’t watched this show, you really must. It’s a British period show, set in the early 1900’s, and is basically about the lives of an aristocratic family known as the Crawleys and their servants. Not only is the show amazing because of the  story, but also because of the gorgeous fashions and hairstyles that the women and men wear.

My friend shared with me this great article on Buzzfeed the other day, “17 Reasons why “Downton Abbey” Is The Best Show Ever.” It was hilarious (and the inspiration for this post!), and I agreed with every reason. If you’ve seen the show before, you definitely need to read it. If not…well then you’re missing out and need to start watching, but I’m warning you, you will be hooked. I also found out from the article that the beautiful castle where the show is filmed is REAL! I am definitely planning on visiting it one day, and while I’m in the UK (one of my favorite countries to visit), I might just stop at Rush Reading hair salon and get a Downton-inspired hairdo.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. This week’s most wanted pieces are of course the beautiful fashions and hairstyles the women at Downton wear. Take a look at some photos below, and some “modern” ways to wear Downton inspired fashions.

Downton Abbey, Fashion, Photo Credit:

Downton Abbey, Modern Fashion, Photo Credit:

Downton Abbey, Lady Mary Hair and Hair Jewelry, Photo Credit:

Downton Abbey, Modern Lady Mary Hair and Hair Jewelry, Photo Credit:

Shop the Polyvore Downton Abbey collection, or for the “Modern Lady Mary Hair Jewelry” pictured above at Etsy.

Saturday’s Most Wanted (to make up for Friday’s!)

Hello friends. Please forgive me for not posting a Friday’s Most Wanted piece yesterday! I have been so extremely busy lately, and a bit sick this week. It is also my Christmas this weekend (as a Ukrainian, I celebrate on Jan. 7th), so I am once again traveling to spend the holidays with family.

To make up for yesterday’s Friday’s Most Wanted, I’d like to share with you a Target purchase I just made. I always end up spending money at Target (thank goodness there are none near my apartment in NY, or I’d be in even more debt than I am now!). Last time I was at Target, I saw a gold Marc Jacobs clutch I really wanted. This time when I went back, I saw a black Marc Jacobs scarf I liked even more, and for $20 it was a steal, so you know I had to treat myself to a Christmas present. Love Target’s designer collaborations!

Target Designer Collaboration, Marc Jacobs Scarf, $20