Friday’s Most Wanted

The other day, the bus stop I had to use, was conveniently located in front of a Fossil store. Of course, I had to go in and take a look. I always knew I liked Fossil, but it’s now one of my favorite brands. I’ve really been into leather bracelets lately, and they had some beautiful leather pieces. They are this week’s most wanted – take a look at the photos below. Fossil also sells clothing (who knew!), but it can only be purchased online.

Fossi, Key Wrist Wrap, $48

Fossil, Leather Double Wrap, $48

Fossil, Dainty Wrist Wrap, $28

Monday Style Quote

“Shop? Why not? Shopping is easy, life affirming, and life enhancing. The impulse to adorn oneself is a creative, positive force and-those of you with a profound spiritual bend, please take note-does not preclude trekking all the way to Tibet if you feel so inclined. Just know pure joy and enlightenment lurk at your local mall.” -Simon Doonan, Harper’s Bazaar magazine

Simon Doonan, Photo Credit:

MBFW – Day 7 Photos

It’s not often I say this, actually I don’t think I ever really have said this about any designer before – I absolutely love Zang Toi. This was the second time I attended a Zang Toi runway show, and it was amazing. He received a standing ovation at the end of the show. The collection was elegant and luxe all at the same time, using gold detailing here and there, and accentuating with furs. Take a look at the photos below. To read more about the collection, view my article on Examiner. 

Zang Toi, Finale Piece

Zang Toi, Green Gown

MBFW – Day 3 Photos

Today I skipped my afternoon shows because of the snow in NYC (lazy Saturday), but made it to 2 at night – Alon Livne (womenswear), and one of my favorites, Venexiana (womenswear). I’ve never seen Alon Livne before, but his presentation was very “sci-fi” to me (might be because of the Firefly marathon I recently had). It was very visually interesting to look at. Venexiana I have seen a few times before, and was so excited to see again – so many beautiful gowns and furs this collection! Check out the photos below.

Alon Livne

Alon Livne