Scentbird Perfume: Try It Before You Buy It!

I love anything smelly (scented might be a better word?), but it takes me forever to find just the right scent for me! It doesn’t matter what it is, body wash, a candle, lotion, perfume (this one takes me the longest to find), I always spend hours in the store trying to decide what to buy.

I recently discovered Scentbird – a site that let’s you try a perfume before you buy. So how does it work? Choose any perfume from the website you’d like to test out, and receive a 2 ml. sample. Wear it and see if it’s the right scent for you. If you love the perfume, keep the bottle. If it’s not “your scent” return it with free shipping. Love it!

You can shop by Scent Type, Personality, Occasion, and even type in your favorite perfumes to find your next new scent.

Want to test it out? Use the exclusive coupon code “STRIPED” as shown in the photo below, for $15 off any purchase from!