National Elephant Day: Save The Elephants!

Today is #NationalElephantDay and I’d like to share these gripping photos of elephants in the wild and the sad effects of poaching and the ivory industry. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the article. Visit Mashable to view each photo and donate or make a gift to WWF if you’d like to help out the cause. Check out WWF for more information about African Elephants and Forest Elephants.

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Guest Blog Post – My Mom!

My mom has been quoted saying, “Wouldn’t it be so great to be a writer?” My brother and I, being writers ourselves, have always encouraged her to write, but she has never yet fully completed a work. I think she has a great voice and writing style, and suggested that perhaps she should start a blog. She’s great at cooking, so I’m thinking a food blog would be a lot of fun for her. She just recently purchased a sofa, which was delivered yesterday, and is so excited about it. I suggested she blog about it on thestripedelephant, as a little test to see how she likes the blogging world.

So here you are…Irene’s Blogging Debut – New Sofa

OK now, don’t laugh!  The reason I wanted a new sofa is because I had 4 matching pillows from our previous home, which perfectly matched the old curtains and did not fit our new windows.  I ripped up the curtains and re-made them to fit our new windows.  The pillows were stored in the closet and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to put them out for Thanksgiving.  The whole family is coming for Thanksgiving.  Also, the sofa  could always be used as an extra bed!

BEFORE: the wall space before the new sofa

curtains and matching pillow

It arrived yesterday and I was like a little kid on Christmas Day.  The best part is I decided not to tell my hubby, partly because I wanted to see exactly how long it would take for him to notice (a little joke at our house).  We cheated a little because we left the light on in the D.R., and hubby is very good about turning lights off when not needed.  He went to turn the light off, then turned it back on, and just stood looking into the L.R.  We were beside ourselves laughing.

AFTER: sofa in its new home

CLOSE-UP:, Sofa Couch Cream Velvet

Needless to say, we all think it looks great and completes our room and everyone is already laying claim to who will be using it first.

Susan Orlean at NYU

Yesterday I met one of my favorite authors Susan Orlean at NYU’s School of Journalism, where she was promoting her new book. Susan Orlean is a journalist for the New Yorker, as well as having published a number of popular non-fiction novels such as The Orchid Thief (turned into the movie Adaptation), and Rin Tin Tin (her new book).

Here are a few things I took away from Susan Orlean’s conversation about writing:

– Writing takes time and practice.

– Writing a novel takes total dedication, but can be done once you put your mind to it.

– In order to write a novel, you must create a schedule and allot a certain amount of time to writing every day.

– Using social media outlets such as Twitter and blogging helps with your writing, especially when writing short, concise, sentences (loved this one!).

– If you yourself are interested in your own writing, it will show.

Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean and Me

Susan Orlean's New Book


Veselka Bowery

Very rarely will I post twice in one day, but today just happens to be a special day. It is the grand opening of a new Ukrainian restaurant in NYC. The restaurant is called Veselka Bowery, and is located around 1st and Bowery. Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the soft opening of Veselka Bowery for family and friends. It was interesting to see the many variations of typical Ukrainian dishes, which were all delicious. Here are a few pictures.

Veselka Bowery, Inside

Veselka Bowery, Borscht

Veselka Bowery, Perogies

Veselka Bowery, Ukrainian Meatballs

Veselka Bowery, Pork Schnitzel

Great atmosphere. Great food. Visit Veselka Bowery! 9 East 1 Street, New York, NY 10002.


Philanthropic Fashion – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have been meaning to write a post about philanthropic fashion, and thought what better time to write it than now, while October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, is winding down. I came across the phrase “Philanthropic Fashion,” a while ago while searching for a writing or marketing job in NYC (any ideas?), and it just stuck with me. There are times I think to myself what a petty obsession I have – I live for clothes, accessories, and shoes. Shortly after, the feeling subsides when I realize this truly is my passion (I just can’t help it!), and what is life if you can’t do what you love? So when I came across this phrase, I was rather interested, and wanted to know about those fashion companies that do more than just make clothes, but give back to the community.

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, a number of fashion companies donated a percentage of their sales in support of Breast Cancer Research. One of these companies was LOFT – I recently wrote an article about their efforts on

Here are just some of the other companies that participated in Breast Cancer Awareness month:

1) AVON: Not only does AVON sell “Pink Ribbon” products to support Breast Cancer Awareness, they also host an AVON Walk.

AVON, Breast Cancer Crusade Novelty Umbrella, $10

Photo credit:

2) UGG: With a clever catch phrase such as “Give cancer the boot,” UGG Company designed special pink ribbon shoes. Proceeds from the shoes are benefiting charities nationwide. These shoes are available at The Walking Company stores.

The Walking Company, Pink Ribbon UGGS, $149.95

Photo Credit:

3) Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren has been donating proceeds from his Pink Pony Fund sales to Breast Cancer Awareness since 2000. Pink Pony Fund Items include the traditional Ralph Lauren Pony dressed up in shades of pink.

Ralph Lauren, Slim-Fit Pony Tee, $98.00

Photo Credit:

4) Lacoste: Lacoste is donating a percentage of their proceeds from their Pink Croc Collection to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Lacoste, Breast Cancer Research Foundation Shoe, $72.00

Photo Credit:

This is just an example of a few companies who are participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course this is not to say that fashion companies never give back – of course they do, and some many times throughout the year. I just felt it was important to highlight a few companies now, since October is a special month. Hurry and get your shopping done before the month is over, and help support the cause!








Jersey Shore Getaway

This weekend my boyfriend (who writes for, check it out!) and I ventured to the Jersey Shore for some much-needed R&R (and no, unfortunately we had no encounters with Snooki). I grew up spending my summers at the Jersey Shore (specifically Wildwood), and was very excited to be visiting again. It’s always nice to return to a place of familiarity, and the beach always reminds me that there is a much simpler and quieter way to live. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

So relaxing.

Wading in the water.

I must brag a little about the top I am wearing in this photo (once a shopaholic always a shopaholic…). I bought this BCBG top at Lord & Taylor on clearance for around $13.00. What a steal!

Tandem bike riding.

Taking a break from riding a tandem bike – honestly, this is so much harder than it looks!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle – DC Expo

This past weekend, my friends and I attended the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, expo in Washington DC, hosted by DC50. It was a fun event, which showcased products by Stella & Dot, Bebe, Salon Virage (along with many others), and even included a meet and greet with Nigel Barker. Unfortunately, we missed out on the meet and greet, but we did get the chance to browse through designers, watch a “What Not to Wear” type  of event on stage with stylist Monica Bartlett, and watch the fashion show (my favorite event there).


LOOK at those heels!

My favorite dress at the event.

Fashion Show

Monica Bartlett, Stylist tips.

One question that an audience member asked stylist Monica Bartlett was, “Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?” Her answer was that yes, white is in style after Labor Day, but there are 3 rules.

1) Don’t wear white from head to toe.

2) Mix it up (for ex: wear a white top with dark pants).

3) Try to keep white above the waist.

Of course, there were exceptions to these rules such as, if someone lives on the West Coast where the weather is significantly warmer.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!