Friday’s Most Wanted – Tom’s Nepal Boots

Today’s Friday’s Most Wanted are a pair of Tom’s Black Wool Nepal Boots. I’m loving the colorful muted pattern and leather lace-up detail, and the best part is that every pair of shoes you purchase from Tom’s, someone in need receives a pair of shoes! I would probably pair these with my favorite boyfriend jeans and a chunky knit (comfy-cozy outfit all around). See, I knew I could put my shopping addiction to good use. Happy Friday everyone!


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.45.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.45.44 PM


Friday’s Most Wanted – Boden

Hello friends! My sincere apologies for not having written in so long – writing is one of my favorite activities (especially when I get to write just what I want!). I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying the fall season. It’s  my absolute favorite time of the year, and in my opinion has the best clothing options. I’m a big boots and flats fan, so this week’s most wanted are two pairs of leopard print shoes from the British clothing company Boden (taken from their Instagram). Leopard print can actually be matched with a number of outfits, especially if the print is kept as your focal point (use it as you would use a statement piece of jewelry).

photo 1

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Friday’s Most Wanted

Okay, I know last week’s most wanted was about boots, but I just needed to share these Jeffrey Campbell boots. Normally these would not be my style, especially with the huge “cut-out” (for lack of a better term), in the middle, but for some reason I really like them. This may be because I seem to have a sock obsession this season, and these boots would most definitely show off those funky new socks I bought.

Jeffrey Campbell Oriley in Black Boots, $180

Jeffrey Campbell Oriley in Black Boots, $180

Jeffrey Campbell Oriley in Black Boots, $180.00

Jeffrey Campbell Oriley in Black Boots, $180

Friday’s Most Wanted – BOOTS!

Oh, here’s just another pair of boots that I just adore! There is no price, because of course they are no longer available, but just take a look at that leather in the picture below – you can tell it’s amazingly soft, and would feel super comfy. I saw these boots on, and even though they’re no longer available, you should take a look at the site, since you can find some other great products, such as unique jewelry pieces., Erin Short Boots, Erin Short Boots

Friday’s Most Wanted

Don’t ask me where and how I found these amazing boots – I can’t remember what I was searching for online when I saw them. Aren’t they adorable? I really love the color. If I had to give this color a name, I think it would be “Electric Blue.” (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it”)? I love a shoe that’s different (like these obviously are), but not so obnoxiously different that you can’t pair them with several different outfits. I would pair these with jeans or some cute below-the-knee skirts or dresses. Hope everyone has a great weekend – I’ll be spending my time at a Ukrainian Festival, chowing down on perogies.

Miz Mooz Women's Miro Ankle Boot, $99.95

Miz Mooz Women’s Miro Ankle Boot, $99.95

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Monday Style Quote

“Boots are very seductive in a stronger way than stilettos or satin shoes, which are more fragile. Boots take out anything that is fragile about a woman.” -Anh Duong, artist

I couldn’t agree more about this statement, since boots are my absolute favorite shoes to wear!

Artist Anh Duong, Photo Credit:

Friday’s Most Wanted – C. Wonder Photo Shoot

This week’s most wanted, are two pieces from one of my favorite retailer’s – C. Wonder. C. Wonder is a great store known for its colorful and uniquely patterned collections of clothing, accessories, and home decor. They have 10 locations, 2 of which are in NYC (one in Soho and one in Columbus Circle)! I was able to borrow my two most wanted C. Wonder pieces from their fall collection for a photo shoot, which I’m sharing here with you today, my lovely readers.

The beauty of C. Wonder’s Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater, sold for $58, is that it’s such a versatile piece (and super comfy too). Below, are two different looks – one casual and one dressy. Both of these looks are accessorized with C. Wonder’s Assorted Tortoise Bangles, sold for $38-$48 each. The sweater comes in additional colors including navy and ecru. For my casual look, I chose to pair the sweater and bracelets with my favorite jeans and black boots. For my dressy look, I chose to pair the sweater and bracelets with black pants and tan peep toe flats. Both looks were so simple to put together, but still look great.

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater and Tortoise Bracelets Casual Look

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater and Tortoise Bracelets Dressy Look

Longsleeve Lurex Buttoned Sweater Detail

Assorted Tortoise Bracelets Detail

Friday’s Most Wanted

I apologize for constantly posting boots on my blog, but I think I have an addiction. Here’s a pair of boots I came across the other day when “shopstalking” (read about shopstalking on my previous blog post). I love the rugged look of these boots, and they look super like they’d be super comfy.

This weekend I am going to visit my family for my brother’s birthday tomorrow, so here’s to wishing him a happy birthday a day early! Have a lovely weekend.

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00

Roxy Denver Wool Boot, $69.00