Friday’s Most Wanted

My friend posted this on her friend’s wall on Fbk (as a joke at first), but when I saw these Gray Dress Yoga Pants, I knew they were going to be this week’s most wanted piece. I would label my fashion style as a comfy-chic, and feel these pants would fit perfectly into my lifestyle. They are a mix between yoga and dress pants (genius!), and can be worn with boots, flats, or sneaks. Seriously, these pants are a necessity for me.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend! I will spend a good portion of my weekend working on some homemade jewelry for, that will be sold at Astoria Market, February 9th. Come shop!

Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $79.20

Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $79.20

Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $79.20

Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $79.20

Monday Style Quote

Thanks to all those who came to shop The Striped Elephant Shop’s table at the Astoria Holiday Market this weekend – it was a great success! Below is a photo of me and my table at the market. Now for your Monday quote.

“Remember that your level of happiness is the most important thing you have to protect, because if your’e caught up in the rat race of work and duty and money, you do not live beyond your means. I don’t care whether the person next to you is making a million bucks and you’re making way less. If you judge yourself by that person, you’re not judging yourself by your intrinsic joy and what makes you feel happy.” -Actress Goldie Hawn

The Striped Elephant Shop at Astoria Holiday  Market

The Striped Elephant Shop at Astoria Holiday Market

Friday’s Most Wanted – BOOTS!

Oh, here’s just another pair of boots that I just adore! There is no price, because of course they are no longer available, but just take a look at that leather in the picture below – you can tell it’s amazingly soft, and would feel super comfy. I saw these boots on, and even though they’re no longer available, you should take a look at the site, since you can find some other great products, such as unique jewelry pieces., Erin Short Boots, Erin Short Boots

Monday Style Quote

“I like contrasts. I like pairing masculine with feminine, grungy with fancy, etc. It’s important to have fun with what you wear but it’s also important to feel comfortable in your clothes.” -Pamela Love

Pamela Love is a NYC jewelry designer, whose collections are known to whimsical and rather dark. She has designed custom jewelry for HBO’s True Blood.

Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

Pamela Love Jewelry


Orchira UK

I have stumbled across a fabulous online store, Orchira, dedicated to selling pearls. I have always been a little in awe of pearls, and how beautiful and delicate they appear. Pearls add an extra touch of class to an otherwise plain outfit. What I love about Orchira, other than their fabulous jewelry, is the way the site is split up into convenient sections such as “Designer Jewellery,” and “Fashion Jewellery,” and each of these sections is split up into more sections. This really makes shopping so much easier. Here are three pieces, one from each section, which I fell in love with.

Panache Redefined

This bracelet is made out of silver pearls, turquoise and white beads. It can be found in the “Pearl Jewellery,” “Shop By ColourWay,” “Cool silver” sections.

Brandenburg Concerto

This necklace is made out of black oval pearls. It can be found in the “Designer Jewellery,” “Browse Collections,” “Essentials,” sections.

Nocturne No 225

This necklace is made out of silver pearls and a brooch pendant. It can be found in the “Fashion Jewellery,” “Ideas By Occasion,” “Mother’s day,” sections.

To view (and purchase!) beautiful pearl jewelry, visit the Orchira website.

Under the Weather

Dear readers,

Many apologies for not having updated in a couple of days. Unfortunately, I have been sick for the past 4 days and have been unmotivated to do much of anything. Usually a little retail therapy perks me right up, but alas, I am still on a bit of a shopping hiatus, and frankly I did not want to get out of bed to “window shop.” Now THAT is when you know something is wrong with me.

In the mean time, I have resorted to watching movies and reading up on this and that online. Here are a few things that have made me feel better:

Looking at the top stories and newest trends in regards to style on one of my favorite websites

I especially enjoyed refinery29’s private tour of Alexis Bittar’s Brooklyn Heights Bachelor Pad. Alexis Bittar is an iconic jewelry designer with an absolutely gorgeous townhouse – I have a secret desire to one day become an interior designer. ;)

Check out for a tour. Seems like more closet space than a 90-square-foot apartment.

Sean Patrick Thomas, I mean, the movie Save the Last Dance made me feel better. I know it’s a little corny, and the outfits are beyond…well they’re just bad, but I have always loved this movie.

"The only person you need to be is yourself!"

And lastly, my little pup (who sadly now lives in Maryland) came for a visit. He always brightens my day, and deserves more than just one picture.

His favorite thing to do.

Stay healthy!