Friday’s Most Wanted – Boden

Hello friends! My sincere apologies for not having written in so long – writing is one of my favorite activities (especially when I get to write just what I want!). I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying the fall season. It’s  my absolute favorite time of the year, and in my opinion has the best clothing options. I’m a big boots and flats fan, so this week’s most wanted are two pairs of leopard print shoes from the British clothing company Boden (taken from their Instagram). Leopard print can actually be matched with a number of outfits, especially if the print is kept as your focal point (use it as you would use a statement piece of jewelry).

photo 1

photo 2

Friday’s Most Wanted

I am absolutely in love with the Lulu Leopard Print & Sequin Envelope Clutch seen below. It is this week’s most wanted piece. I’m not supposed to be spending money…but only $22…what a steal! I found it on The ZOE Report, Rachel Zoe’s style newsletter, which I am subscribed to. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Nordstrom, Lulu Leopard Print & Sequin Envelope Clutch, $22

For Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, my mama visited with my dad, and brought my little pup as well. Eleven of us, including my Babucia (which means Grandma in Ukrainian), uncle, aunt and cousins, headed over to a relatively new Italian restaurant. Next to Ukrainian food, Italian food is by far my favorite – I am a true carb junkie, and I always have room for a delicious canoli. The restaurant had up-scale food and was decorated beautifully. What I really liked was the color scheme – the napkins were orange and cream, and all the waiters had lime green ties, while the hostesses wore leopard print tops. Very modern-chic! The restaurant was also decorated in my favorite flower, the orchid. Here are a few pics from our family outing.


Beautiful Orchids

Me outside of the restaurant- Loved the orange pillows

Wishing all the mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day! How will you be celebrating?