Friday’s Most Wanted

Call me crazy, but I’m really feeling this Michael Kors Faux Fur Coat. I’ve always been a fan of faux fur (not real!), and I don’t think I’ll ever stop obsessing over Michael Kors. What I love about this coat, is that I think it would look just as good with jeans and boots, as it does in this photo with a little dress. What I love about Michael Kors is…everything?

Michael Kors, Faux Fur Coat, $250

Michael Kors, Faux Fur Coat, $250

MK Suede – New Women’s Perfume

Since everyone seemed to like last week’s Friday’s Most Wanted item (Banana Republic Fragrance), I thought I’d share a new women’s fragrance by Michael Kors. I think by now it’s obvious that I’m in love (obsessed?) with anything Michael Kors.

The new fragrance is called Suede (sexy!), and is available in a 1.7 oz bottle, encased in a suede carton, for $75.00 at fine department stores and I haven’t smelled it yet, but the fragrance has hints of tuberose, lily of the valley, michelia flower, mandarin, and woodsy scents to create an alluring musk.

Michael Kors Suede Eau de Parfum, $75.00

“Suede is sporty and sexy and feels incredible on the skin, but it can also add a great unexpected twist when you’re thinking of what’s luxurious.” -Michael Kors

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Monday Style Quote

“Yes, leather is in. For example, Yves Saint Laurent was having such a leather moment that designer Stefano Pilati turned it into both a bodysuit and a jumpsuit. Michael Kors’s strapless leather dress was a runway sensation, and even more so when leather lover extraordinaire Angelina Jolie wore it on the red carpet. But leather is best used wisely. If you wear a skirt, tone it down on the top. A jacket? Jeans or trousers. If you’re feeling a bit Gwyneth or Chloe Sevigny, a saucy pair of shorts might just do it. But never wear the whole lot together, because the dominatrix¬†should stay in the bedroom (if you’re inclined that way, of course), not the boardroom.” -Harper’s Bazaar,

Stefano Pilati leather bodysuit

Michael Kors leather strapless dress worn by Angelina Jolie


Rain Boots Vote –

It’s always such an honor when my friends come to me for fashion advice, since really there is nothing I like better. My one friend recently asked me if I could find her some rain boots, and so of course my answer was yes. To find her boots, I visited – a great new site I have just discovered, which has such an amazing selection of shoes. I love this site, because you can search for your shoe of choice, by really narrowing down your selection. For instance, you can search by brand or style or even by heel height! Here are a few rain boots I picked out for her…which is your favorite??, Michael Kors Women's Coffee Mid Rainboot, $89

Michael Kors can do no wrong…seriously. I love these boots, and luckily Michael Kors is one of my friends favorite brands. I also like the height of these boots – they are mid calf, as opposed to many rain boots, which reach higher up on the leg., Tommy Hilfiger Women's Lee, $69

I went through a Tommy Hilfiger phase when I was younger – in middle school and high school I would buy only Tommy bags. Why, you may ask? I liked (and still like) Tommy Hilfiger’s all-American designs. I like these boots just for this reason. They make me feel like I should be somewhere sailing on a boat – I will buy almost anything that has a little nautical flair to it., Kenneth Cole Reaction, Women's Right as Rain, $33.60

I can sum up this boot in just a few words. Simple, chic, to the point, and worth the price., Chooka, Women's Signature Solid, $55.20

You can never go wrong with black, which is a big reason why I like these boots. I also like these boots, because they are very sturdy looking and do not have that shine that a number of rain boots have.

There are the 4 boots I chose – which do you like best?

I appreciate all your opinions.

If you are in need of shoes (and really, when are you not?) visit