Monday Style Quote – Creativity

After looking through some old posts on TSE (The Striped Elephant), I have become inspired to write more and more regularly (it’s really what I love to do!). It’s time to forget about that (after-work) laziness and get back in tune with my creativity. I read the quote below somewhere, and thought it was an appropriate way to start off the week, especially given my recent thoughts and the context of this post. Happy Monday and have a great week!

Look for the Dream that Keeps Coming Back Quote


Weekend & Writing

Hello Friends!

I would like to apologize for being MIA so frequently lately, and promise you more regular posts! It’s always such a shame when life gets in the way of writing. One of my latest endeavors has been working on an online writing portfolio – check it out if you feel so inclined (it’s also located in the “Writing Services” section at the top of the blog). It’s still in the works, and not yet 100% complete.

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season, and enjoy your weekend!

Weekend Pic



Monday Style Quote

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” -Lloyd Alexander

I took an awesome continuing ed. Creative Writing class at NYU this weekend, so I wanted to start the week off with a great writing quote. This quote is from Lloyd Alexander – a writer known for his fantasy novels, from my hometown in Philadelphia.

Author Lloyd Alexander, Photo Credit:

Author Lloyd Alexander, Photo Credit: